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How Do PET Bottle Scrap Manufacturers In Tirupur Support The Environment?

Posted by Admin on March, 21, 2022

Due to the high demands of PET bottles, manufacturers in Tirupur produce a huge quality of bottles. What is the use of these bottles after consumption of the liquid in it? The discarded PET bottles are then used again and again to make other products. These are gathered, sorted, cleaned, shredded, and made into ‘bottle scrap and flakes,’ which are then used to produce a variety of products. This is how they play a vital role in saving the environment as we all know that PET bottles cannot be decomposed completely.

Recycled PET that is the PET Bottle Scrap is also used for the manufacture of PET straps, sheets etc.

Value Chain of PET Recycling

This is a vital step towards saving the environment which involves a large number of people. This PET recycling business starts from the waste collectors, medium traders, recyclers, and PET Bottle Scrap Manufacturers in Tirupur who use recycled PET for various products.

• polyester staple fibre or string used for apparel (clothing),

• home textiles (duvets, pillows, matting),

• automotive parts (carpets, sound protection, boot linings, seat covers)

• industrial end-use items (roof insulation, geotextiles),

Then the role of PET Bottle Scrap Supplier in Tirupur comes in as they supply a wide range of pet scrap to various industries in bulk and at reasonable prices.

Why PET Bottles are Perfect for Making Pet Bottle Scrap?

Some features set PET bottles apart from other plastic waste. First, PET bottles are easily identifiable among all categories of bottles. Hence, PET bottles are easy to pick up, sort, store etc. Also, the weight of an empty bottle is reasonably high for the waste collectors to invest in their resources and collect those compared to exceedingly low-weight and small size waste, like chocolate wrappers. PET Bottle Scrap manufacturers in Tirupur supply around 50+ large scale units all over India using recycled PET (washed flakes) as raw material. Hence there is a strong demand for recycled PET.

Process of making PET Bottle Scrap

The bottles are put through different stages


semi-automatic and

automatic sorting,

cleaning processes.

All labels made of PVC on bottles are removed along with any metal component that might have been fixed. These are diligently removed after every PET bottle is scrutinized rigorously, through manual inspection.

First, all coloured PET bottles are segregated and sold distinctly. Metal caps rings common in PET bottles used for packaging liquor are removed manually. PVC labels pose a particular problem, as they could seriously jeopardize the fibre manufacturing process.

Hence, all PVC labels are removed. Bottles made from other plastics are removed. The flakes manufactured of PET bottle scrap are subjected to further washing, drying and are ready to be shipped to the manufacturing units.

The reputed PET Bottle Scrap Manufacturers in Tirupur take care of all vital steps crucially and deliver only high-quality pet bottle scrap across the nation. Contact them for wholesale supply at a reasonable price.

Following are the characteristics of leading PET Bottle Scrap Supplier in Tirupur

• trusted quality of PET Bottle Scrap

• state of the art equipment for manufacturing

• reasonable pricing of bulk quantity

• good quality packaging

• supply across the Indian subcontinent

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